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Teaching the art and science of yoga is our specialty. We offer full teacher training programs, workshops, and immersions at studios throughout the United States and abroad. We know how difficult it is to host a yoga teacher training program, so we take care of most of the work for you — marketing, customer service, scheduling, finances. and more. If you need high-quality, ready-to-teach instructors, The Craft will not disappoint. Want your current instructors to go deeper and be the most knowledgeable in your city? See some of the topics we offer below.

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Yoga Philosophy & History

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  • The Evolution of Yoga

    • This 6 hour lecture is a deep dive into the evolution of yoga. Students explore the question what is yoga? as they unfold layers of complex history from the Vedas, through the Upanishads, Tantra, and into Modern Postural Yoga. This lecture, built upon the most current scholarly sources, demystifies common myths in American yoga while outlining a cohesive thread for the development of the most popular yoga lineages practiced in the USA. Students gain clarity on what it is they are teaching, how yoga interplays with other world religions, where yoga originates, and how to honor the tradition without cultural appropriation. This is a dynamic, riveting, and interactive lecture complete with visuals, handouts, and several opportunities for engagement and discussion. Prepare to have many ah-ha! moments and become empowered to step into this rich tradition.

  • Chakras Illuminated

    • Take a journey through your energetic anatomy with an embodied 6-hour experience: Chakras Illuminated. This lecture is equal parts intellectual and experiential. Story-driven and conversation-based, Chakras Illuminated utilizes developmental psychology, yoga philosophy, and the latest trauma research to empower students to heal from the inside-out and outside-in. We learn how our energetic system influences the way our bodies move and the way we interact with the world around us. We seek out patterns of imbalance and use newfound intuition to guide us on a healing journey. This lecture elicits deep compassion for ourselves and people around us, as well as intellectual insights that unfold in the weeks, months, and years to follow.


Anatomy & Asana


We love to explore anatomy and asana through a functional movement and energetic healing lens. Our lectures are endorsed by physical therapists and reiki healers alike. We ensure our lectures are comprehensive and expansive, but also practical and applicable for yoga instructors of all levels. Each lecture is around 6 hours. We can adjust based on your community needs, as well.

Alive Anatomy:

Each Alive Anatomy lecture explores the most relevant anatomical knowledge to keep ourselves, and others, safe during yoga practice. Our non-dogmatic, empowering anatomy lectures are hands-on and discussion based for learning that sticks. We cater to every learning style with visuals, discussions, and practice teaching, as well. Each lecture is sure to bring an AH HA moment (or two or fifty), enlightening your practice for the rest of your life!

  • The Hip Girdle

  • The Shoulder Girdle

  • The Spine & Core

Intelligent Sequencing & Demystifying Asana Groups:

Intelligent Sequencing for a peak posture shares the underlying logic to fantastic sequencing. These lectures empower instructors to create intuitive, holistic, and interesting classes for their students. Instructors learn how to create a rhythm that the students can follow, as well as adjust sequencing on the fly to cater to the needs of the room. We offer anatomy-based intelligent sequencing lectures for:

  • Arm Balances

  • Backbends

  • Inversions


Teaching Techniques


This is where the rubber hits the road. If we cannot communicate our knowledge to our students in a clear and cohesive way, then our studies are pointless. We created a method and a science to teaching and provide tangible tools for instructors to share their learning with their students. Some of the many topics we can cover are:

  • The Art of Authentic Theming

    • Learn how to share transformational themes rooted from your unique felt-experience of yoga philosophy. Avoid the “theme-sandwhich” or self-help driven themes that tend to be superficial and prescriptive. Share themes that liberate and empower your students and send a wave of positive change throughout your community.

  • Voice, Presence & Embodiment

    • Shift your classes from average to excellent with enlightening practices that help you to transmit your inner wisdom. Speak and move with texture and vibrancy to bring life to your healing intentions.

  • Musicality & Playlists

    • Music heals. Integrate music into your classes in a way that complements your sequencing, your voice, and your theme. Learn to use music as a resource and co-teacher to guide students into a deeper experience of their yoga experience and innate rhythm. Unlock patterns of holding back and holding in by allowing your class to have an organic rise, fall, and release.

  • Inclusive Language & Teaching

    • Use your words mindfully and intelligently to broaden who feels welcome and seen in your classes. Learn how privilege and trauma affect the yoga industry, and gather techniques to include people of all walks of life in your classes. Your words are your most powerful tool as an instructor, and this workshop guides you into leveraging this tool with precision and love.

  • The Art of Teaching Beginners

    • Beginners, or people will minimal experience in yoga, have unique needs. Gain insights on how to adapt your sequence so that it is accessible. Gather language and demonstration tools that will ensure your students feel welcome and accomplished. Learn how to read the room and adjust on the fly to ensure everyone feels supported.


The Yoga Ritual


Honoring the yoga tradition is at the forefront of our offering. We are diligent students committed to upholding the lineage of what we call “yoga” today. This series of lectures is rooted in the yoga rituals and traditions that facilitate experiential awakening.


  • Who is Patanjali? How does Buddhism and Yoga overlap? Is yoga a Hindu religion? Why doesn’t the chakra system resonate with the 8 Limbs? What’s the difference between dualistic and non-dualistic yoga philosophies? In this lecture we explore the worldview of different yoga lineages and demonstrate how American hodge-podge yoga philosophy is often inherently contradictory. Students walk away from this lecture with an expanded world-view and are empowered to follow the philosophy and lineage that most resonates with them and their spiritual desires.


  • The yogis discovered that our breath is one of our most powerful tools. Through conscious breathing techniques, and positioning our bodies and faces in a specific ways, we initiate a variety of brain-body states. This lectures explores the nadis, bhandas, and breathing techniques for energizing and resting. Students learn to use the breath as a barometer of their inner experience and harness their breath to adjust their internal state at any moment.


  • Meditation is where yoga began, and where it often returns. Yet, what IS meditation? Drop in to an embodied meditation experience that emphasizes movement as much as stillness. In the Craft we practice fluency with moment-to-moment presence, so meditation isn’t just a seated experience. In this lecture, students also learn techniques to guide others into a space of expansive awareness, flow, and peace.