Transcend (sold)

Transcend (sold)


“the space between waking

and sleeping

when nothing is all there is,

the portal to infinity opens”

Transcend’s Elements:

  • amythest cluster—spirituality and contentment

  • quartz crystal—attracts, amplifies, magnifies, and radiates the communicative energy of other stones for greater transmission, clarity, and awareness

  • coniferous trees—ancestral wisdom, commitment to family and community

  • feathers—psychic potency, community, perseverance, broad perspective

  • moss—worthiness, determination, simplicity

  • hemp rope—creative lashing, descending square knots, Japanese success knots, common whipping

  • sacred geometry—the upward pointing triangle represents the strength of the element of fire, which is both destructive and creative. Fire is known for clearing and dissolving things back into the incandescent spirit of Conscious Awareness, and it is also used to create through its illuminating and alchemic powers. The triangle helps to illuminate and facilitate your path to your spiritual knowing.


  • 8” L x 13” W x 43” H

  • 10 lbs/12 lbs shipping weight

If you want an Earth Chime (dream facilitator) similar to Transcend, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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