“from nowhere
everything emerges

suspended in matter and space

seemingly alone

but forever held
in the awareness

permeating all things
and nothing”

SUSPENDED’S ELEMENTS, a cakra healing set:

  • hematoid quartz | root—hematite is for grounded, steadiness, balance; quartz attracts, amplifies, magnifies, and radiates the communicative energy of other stones for greater transmission, clarity, and awareness. Together, hematoid quartz will help you with cleansing and clearing your root cakra as well as transmuting and evolving through deep-rooted paradigms and conditioning.

  • peach moonstone | sacral—self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion; the stone for your sweetness cakra, tuning into the needs of your inner landscape, to navigate your emotions, and move from an actualized, spiritual sense of self.

  • ibis jasper | solar plexus—a softening, calming energy of a stone; directs negativity inwards into the powerful fire of your manipura cakra, city of gems, for transformation or dissolution.

  • green onyx | heart—a symbol of staying present, here and now. Green Onyx relieves you of regret, worries, and fears; it vibrates a soft, healing, soothing pulsation that encourages rest and restoration—the perfect stone for listening and learning to speak the language of your heart.

  • blue agate | throat—the peaceful sky-like properties contained in this stone assist in hearing and speaking your Truth, necessarily tilling the mind of untruths, ready for sowing seeds of inspiration and creativity.

  • labradorite | third eye—vibrates at the same frequency of nature, of love. The “labradorescence” spectrum of color is a luminescent gift of ethereal energies of the third eye; vibrating to bring harmony and balance to your True Essence Nature, and enhancing your physic, subtle connection to subatomic and outwardly realms. A favorite of ours…

  • lepidolite | crown—a stone to help with psychological transformation, paving the way necessary for healing from traumas through compassionate, soft, comforting energies. A great tool for accessing “downloads” from the spirit, allowing your genius a soft, welcoming landing.

  • triangles—strength, stability, balance

  • hemp rope—square knots, half hitches, common whipping


  • 8” L x 29” W x 54” H

  • 8 lbs/10 lbs shipping weight

This Earth Chime is on display and for sale at Bohemian Studios in Phinney Ridge. Go check it out! If you want an Earth Chime similar to Suspended, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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