Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks

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“to meditate is to repose,

to find peace in our waking states

to surpass

the superficial layers of the sensate ego

and discover

the driving emotion

behind the stories we tell ourselves”

Smudge Sticks’ Elements:

  • love—these smudge sticks were hand-rolled by Eric, who pours his Heart into everything he does. When you smudge with these sticks, you are connecting to, cleansing, nurturing, and protecting your wise, sacred, and ancestral energies. May you be full of Love for yourself and for the greater good of all living beings.

  • palo santo—”holy wood” used for cleansing, clearing, purifying, and protecting

  • yerba santa—a nurturing, protective herb

  • desert sage sticks—clears negative energy; taps into your intuitive self

  • cedar—cleansing, purifying, allows access to higher spiritual realms

  • white sage—ancestral, spiritual cleansing; clears the energetic experience for greater clarity

  • valarian root—deep relaxation

  • lavender—calmness, reduces anxiety and stress

  • pajor—(the secret sauce) a healing incense made by Tibetan Buddhists, gifted to a friend from the Dali Lama

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