She is Free (sold)

She is Free (sold)


“she is but a sound wave
touching all around her

remembering her

resonance is the same
rhythm of the song in
her heart”

She is Free’s Elements:

  • springbok skull—magical intuition, unity, community

  • castle quartz—Pranic conduit used for creating harmony and unity around a common purpose

  • quartz—attracts, amplifies, magnifies, and radiates the communicative energy of other stones for greater transmission, clarity, and awareness

    • pyramid—four triangles represent spirit, mind, body, and soul and the four elements of earth, wind, water, and fire.

  • jasper—

  • feathers—intuition, psychic abilities, broad perspective

  • hemp rope— intertwined half hitches, accumulating half hitch edge, square knots, flowering knot, coil knots


  • 8” L x 32” W x 63” H

  • 10 lbs/12 lbs shipping weight

This Earth Chime is on display and for sale at Bohemian Studios in Phinney Ridge. If you want one similar to this, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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