Perception (sold)

Perception (sold)


“knowing is but seeing
one tiny pixel

in an infinite pool
of perspectives,

flicker bright

like stars
that will never meet”

Perception’s elements:

  • agate plate—stable, calming, grounding energy

    • circle—kinetic energy, perfection, commitment, and community

  • deer skull/antlers—harmony, peace, longevity

  • malachite—stone of transformation, vibrates in unison to your heart’s frequency

  • coniferous trees—deep, ancestral wisdom, longevity, community

  • triangles—strength, stability, balance

  • hemp rope: wrap knots w/ half hitches, constrictor knots, long bury 3-braid rope splices, coil knots, Japanese success knots, slide and grip knots, square knots, monkey fists, Josephine knots

Perception’s Dimensions:

  • 8“ L x 16“ W x 52“ H

  • 13 lbs/15 lbs shipping weight

If you want an Earth Chime similar to Perception, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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