Orbit (sold)

Orbit (sold)


“a drop of the universe
condensed into matter

contains the whole
in every part

perfect and infallible

we cannot help
but watch”

Orbit’s elements:

  • quartz crystal—attracts, amplifies, magnifies, and radiates the communicative energy of other stones for greater transmission, clarity, and awareness

  • deer antler—evokes the intelligence of your intuition, calms nervous energy, encourages steadiness, and imbues gentleness

  • labradorite—vibrates at the same frequency of nature, of love. The “labradorescence” spectrum of color is a luminescent gift of ethereal energies; vibrating to bring harmony and balance to your Heart, your True Essence Nature, and enhancing your physic, subtle connection to subatomic and outwardly realms. A favorite of ours…

  • copper spheres—activate and open the base and sacral chakras, dispels barriers for greater intuition, sexuality, creativity, and vitality.

    • the sphere represents kinetic energy, perfection, commitment, and community

    • the number 3 resonates with confidence, creativity, and self-expression

  • hemp rope—square knots, Josephine knots, double coin snake knots, constrictor coil knots, 6-rope braids, netted Japanese success knots, common whipping

Orbit’s Dimensions:

  • 10” L x 15” W x 43” H

  • 12 lbs/14 lbs shipping weight

If you want an Earth Chime similar to Orbit, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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