“filtered through branches
in the black night,

her thin veil illuminates

the necessity

of mystery”


  • moonstone sphere—balances your emotions, enables tenderness, and illuminates the path to divinity with brilliant, feminine, white light

    • the sphere represents kinetic energy, perfection, commitment, and community

  • quartz crystal—attracts, amplifies, magnifies, and radiates the communicative energy of other stones for greater transmission, clarity, and awareness

  • lava—relentless confidence, stability, and support. The ultimate grounding stone, helps with the creative process in manifesting dreams and ideas

  • tiger’s eye—relinquish stories and fears, find harmony, balance, will power, and confidence

  • coyote skull—symbolic for the mysteries of life and creation

  • chick feathers—psychic potency, intuition

  • moss/lichen—worthiness, determination, simplicity

  • hemp rope—snakes head knots, dreamcatcher web, half hitches, square knots, constrictor coil knots, common whipping


  • 6” L x 14” W x 31” H

  • 5 lbs/7 lbs shipping weight

Moonbeam was gifted to my brilliant wife, Adrienne, for her birthday in 2018. If you want an Earth Chime similar to Moonbeam, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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