Creation (sold)

Creation (sold)


“soft like a sunrise
covered by clouds

existence beckons
and invites
and insists
and then


Creation’s Elements

  • pyrite egg—prosperity, new beginnings

  • bird’s nest—family, nourishment, safety

  • coniferous trees—ancestral wisdom, commitment to family and community

  • amythest cluster—spirituality and contentment

  • willow tree—strength, resonance, and stability

  • feathers—intuition, psychic abilities, broad perspective

  • triangles—strength, stability, balance

  • circle—kinetic energy, perfection, commitment, and community

  • hemp rope—half hitch dna strands, common whipping, square knots

Creation’s Dimensions:

  • 3” L x 14” W x 63” H

  • 6 lbs/8 lbs shipping weight

This Earth Chime has found its forever home. If you want one similar to this, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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