ALCHEMY (sold)

ALCHEMY (sold)


“through the power of desire
the relentless will to be

she creates herself

with unrepeatable beauty”

Alchemy’s Elements:

  • siva lingam from the Narmadia River in Eastern India—a representation of new beginnings, the seed contains the Pranic imprint of the whole Universe

  • desert rose selenite cluster—compassion, meditative stone

  • quartz plate—used to amplify, magnify, and radiate energy of other stones, clarity, understanding

  • coniferous trees—ancestral wisdom, commitment to family and community

  • feathers—psychic potency, community, perseverance, broad perspective

  • moss—worthiness, determination, simplicity

  • hemp rope—Japanese success knots, square knots, chain link, common whipping

  • sacred geometry—the upward pointing triangle represents the strength of the element of fire, which is both destructive and creative. Fire is known for clearing and dissolving things back into the incandescent spirit of Conscious Awareness, and it is also used to create through its illuminating and alchemic powers.

Alchemy’s Dimensions:

  • 8” L x 14” W x ” H

  • 6 lbs/8 lbs shipping weight

This Earth Chime has found its forever home. If you want one similar to this, albeit unique, click here to order a custom design or installment or email Eric for more info!

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