the craft submersion // flow
august 1st—5th, 2019

You are invited to a magical and rejuvenating yoga submersion on Galliano Island. Our mystical delve into nature takes place in a three-story, bohemian-decorated home perched in a thicket of giant evergreens, overlooking wondrous Montague Harbor. We slowly awaken with our yoga ritual, tapping into the timeless, universal wisdom. We eat locally-sourced, home-cooked meals, and spend the afternoon either adventuring on the water, soaking in the sauna and hot tub, sunbathing, or snuggling with a book. Our evenings are enriched with nourishment; besides the feast of delicious food, we discuss expansive non-dual yoga philosophy.

The craft submersion // flow is an experiential exploration of the water element. As we interface with reality, present and engaged, we contemplate the underlying questions:

What does it mean to flow? Where in my life is there momentum; where is there stagnation? What is the presence of water trying to teach me?

The craft submersion is an invite-only experience and we would absolutely love for you to join us. There are just 10 spots available. Read more below.

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Our bohemian home has a dry sauna, an outdoor hot tub, an outdoor rainfall shower, and expansive decks for lounging and relaxing. Surrounded by evergreens and ocean-views, our retreat is the perfect combination of spa, nature, and healing.

This getaway is an opportunity to detoxify and experience true connection with each other and with the elements of nature. We ask retreat-goers to leave smartphones turned off and tucked away, and to leave all alcohol at home.

The craft submersion // flow is an extended practice of being authentically present and engaged fully with the rasa of now—feast on the sights, the sounds, the smells, the conversations, and the beauty available to us in every moment.




Every morning we wake up to a two-hour Yoga Ritual practice led by Eric and Adrienne. The Ritual is an embodied experience that merges ancient yoga traditions with somatic exploration, energetic anatomy, the timeless wisdom of nondual tantric philosophy.

This is a practice of healing through whole-body listening, self-contemplation, and exploration of our inner and outer landscapes. Through pranayama, mantra, meditation, movement and group discussion, we co-create a space for remembering our connection to the Whole.

The Ritual plants bījas, seed thoughts, aimed at radical transformation and profound self-insight to experience the beauty in everything. Through practice and interfacing with the Truth of reality, we enjoy the fruit of our bijas, extruding self-limiting beliefs, cultivating greater awareness of life’s experiences, and reposing in the artful expression of Consciousness.

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get curious

Each day is facilitated by transformative and expansive yoga philosophy. We introduce this philosophy during our Yoga Ritual then have the opportunity to digest it and discuss it with each other throughout the day.

Eric and Adrienne provide a lens through which we can view ourselves and our human experience. We’ll share our insights in organic conversation to help broaden our understanding, compassion, and acceptance of our world and ourselves.

Together, we create the space necessary for healing to occur, allowing cells to unhinge from ways-of-being that no longer serve ourselves or the people we love.




We take the time to savor locally-sourced, home-cooked meals by Eric Rabena and Kristina Capulong. With our amazing Craft community, we share nourishment, stories, and laughs. We align with who we are individually, and relationally, and we allow our inner selves to be held and be seen.

Through the meditative act of fully tasting our food, we recall our unbreakable connection to the whole. Our meals are an informal way to express gratitude and revel in our True Nature.

All meals are gluten-free, and vegetarian or vegan options are available upon request.

Please, no alcohol on this submersion, as booze only subdues our senses and prevents us from feeling fully.

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Galiano Island is full of adventures and we have plenty of time to marinate in the beauty around us. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, harvesting shellfish, sailing, lounging on beautiful rock formations, star-gazing… many things are possible during the long summer days.

After yoga and brunch, you are free to take in the day as you desire. You can explore solo, link up with others, or stay home, soak, and relax. It doesn’t matter how you fill your day, all that matters is that you are enraptured, present, and eternally grateful for the fullness of life.




A $500 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot

per person in a shared room - SOLD OUT!
$955 per person in solo room - SOLD OUT!
$1,400 per couple in a shared room - SOLD OUT!

what’s included:

-4 nights in a cozy bohemian bed
-three 2-hour open-air yoga rituals
-one dinner at the internationally acclaimed restaurant, Pilgrimme
-two locally sourced, home-cooked meals per day*
-facilitated yoga philosophy discussions and contemplation practice
-unlimited sauna, hot tub & outdoor shower dips
-stunning island views from our 4-tiered deck
-magic, mischief, and community

what’s NOT included:

-credit card fees if you pay by cc
-ferry fee from Vancouver to Galliano Island (roughly $95 roundtrip)
-transportation to/from Seattle
-any extra adventures — kayaking, hiking, water sports, etc.
-any additional snacks or beverages

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want to join? let us know.

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