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a list of potential craft training programs

The Craft has many permutations, is entirely flexible, and can conform to your scheduling needs and desires.
Taste the possibilities below!

(BTW, we love questions. Email us (or fill the form below) so we can chat and see how to make this program a reality for your people.)


Nights and weekends

This unique program is perfect for the 9-5er who holds down a full-time job.

One 5-hour day per week
Two 8-hour days per week
(recommended yoga field trips)


10 days in a row. Twice

This is the format for those that can get away from the daily grind to dive just deep enough into the content.

8-10 hour days
at least one month break inbetween
(recommended yoga field trips)

the craft of teaching yoga
the craft of teaching yoga

the for real immersion

A quickest dive into this rich, juicy, and practical yoga world at a come-one-come-all pace.

Five days per week
5-8 hour days
1-day off

the craft of teaching yoga

astronomical. like, spaced out.

A perfectly-spaced format with just enough breathing room for students to apply newfound skills to their lives, but not too much space that we lose steam.

Twenty 3-hour days
Twelve 8-hour days

the craft of teaching yoga

or… OR…

go crazy-01.png

Customize your training

Well, all the plans will be customized to your desire, but maybe you have something else in mind! Let’s create a truly custom plan and training program that fits the needs and schedule for your establishment? We are totally down and would love to work something out with you! Email us or fill out the form below!

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