Craft Final Practicum

The Sequence *
The Sequence
The teacher's sequence displayed proficiency in the Craft methodology of Spirit Flow
The teacher's sequence was memorized, utlized prep postures, posture progressions, and counter postures
The teacher used cues proficiently
The teacher did a good job at including a flourish and a verbal and/or physical touchstone
The teacher can improve the sequence by:
The teacher's sequence could use more:
The instructor did not include:
The teacher's presence showed leadership, professionalism, and facilitation skills
The teacher's presence was: *
The teacher did not:
Cueing Proficiency
The instructor used the following cueing techniques: *
Energy and Cadence
The teacher’s energy and cadence: *
The teacher’s theme was: *
The instructor's playlist: *
The teacher used the following assisting techniques:
If teacher performed hands-on assist, the teacher: