eric rabena, the yogi

I live by the philosophy that our predominant, daily thoughts shape and form the circumstances of our lives and people are right only to their limited capacity of experience.

I practice to not take things personally. I understand that everyone has different insights and expectations of the world. And it is for this uniqueness that I dance and revel in our diversity. I say, the commonalities we identify within our relationships are comforting and familiar, indeed, but finding inspiration in diversity is what paves the road to expansion. My yoga practice illuminates my path, a constant student, and I yearn to stay humble and inspired, grateful for my life of learning and love.

I teach a meditative, musical, fluid vinyasa flow. I encourage my yogis to explore consciousness and experience awareness through the energetic cues of the subtle body. My classes are an experience into yourself to notice the dynamic scintillation, to feel the deep driving emotion, and to integrate the two with the body and mind. It's a practice of gratitude for self, balancing acceptance with non-attachment, and finding peace and beauty in all things through movement.

My practice is super playful and explorative, and I look to expand the barriers of thought and physicality through utilization of the energetic breath and sentient body mindfulness. It is my heart's intention for my practice to influence my instruction—creating a challenging yet fun class for my students.

Bohemian Studios — co-owner, studio director, instructor
The Craft — co-facilitator
Lululemon Athletica — Men's League (2016-present)

earth chimes by eric

Earth Chimes are an energetic exploration and reverence to the wisdom, perfection, and impermanence of the earth and all her beauty.

I combine elements that, in their life, have not interacted with each other, but in the representation of an Earth Chime, they are resonant and magnificent. In my toolbox are remnants of trees (branches, pine cones, dried and pressed leaves and flowers), animal skulls and horns, and a variety of healing gems and crystals. I "rope" these earthy elements together with hemp rope in a fusion of classical knots and macramé techniques. I then adorn each Chime with live plants, such as moss or air plants, and my wife, Adrienne, names the piece and writes a poem that captures each Earth Chime's essence. Then I photograph each Chime and design a web page dedicated to that piece, where viewers can get to know the energetic significance and symbolism.

Earth Chimes are an extension of my yogic philosophical practice—a thoughtful, expansive expression of Conscious Awareness. I intend to sculpt pieces that do delight not only the seer but also honor the strength, life, and energetic potency of each part. In other words, I create a shrine that pays respect to the life and healing properties of the trees, animals, and gems before they return to the incandescent light of Consciousness. That is to say, each Earth Chime radiates unprecedented power presented in an artistic way that is unique by nature, and the viewer cannot help but be drawn in and interact with the piece.

To me, Earth Chimes represent how delicate life is, and how interconnected we all are. Everything influences everything. Tying earth into knots encapsulates the intersectionality of experience here on earth, how life is convoluted and complex, but diverse because it is co-created so.

This art humbles me. I am but a conduit to receive and manifest these pieces. With an ever-growing knowledge of earth and her inseparable brilliance about us, I can deliver this divine message in such a beautiful way. I appreciate your pause to admire this enthusiastic expression, and for joining the subtle energetic conversation that is precognitive of words. I hope to continue this art for as long as I live—your loving attention is infectious; fuel to the cause.

May you cultivate a greater, wholesome awareness to the unbound beauty manifest all around you.

Thank you for your time and life energy.