Confronting illusion

photo of Craft graduate & Seattle yoga instructor, Kaitlin Hand

photo of Craft graduate & Seattle yoga instructor, Kaitlin Hand

Illusion is the shadow of the third-eye chakra, ajña.

It happens when we fixate our perception on how we want things to be, rather than how they are in the present moment. We hold on tightly to how things “should” be and resist what actually *is.*

When we invest in an image that is misaligned with reality, we experience frustration, anger, sadness, or more generally... suffering.

Our commitment to our current conditioning surfaces in seemingly small incidents: we expect the grocery line to be short, the traffic to be minimal, or the house to be clean. Yet, when we experience a reality different than these expectations, we get upset and reactive.

Our practice is not to passively allow things to be as they are, but rather, to meet our reality as it is, fully aware of what we can and cannot control. When traffic is bad, we breathe, we listen to calming music, we release into the fact that we’ll be late. When the house is messy, we breathe, we pick up the mess, and we explore effective ways of communicating to meet our need for a clean and clear environment.

Conflict with our desires is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Where in your life are you holding onto an illusion? We’d love to hear your thoughts.