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I am already whole

Instead of approaching life with a sense of scarcity and fear, instead of wondering how can I take what I need from the world, I learned to question, “how can I add?”

When I approach life from a place of security and wholeness, bumps in the roads seem less scary, and I begin to witness myself as a resilient, flexible person rather than a victim.

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Embodying the Divine Masculine

This is what it means to step into the seat of a facilitator, and our job is to show up, find love again, educate, hold space, and hopefully plant some seeds for empowerment and awakening to occur, especially in light of the many systemic issues we face, like misogyny.

Eric's message to these males was so beautiful, so thoughtful and so relevant, that I decided to post it on our blog today.

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vulnerability is the best part of us

First of all, I learned that our vulnerability is the best part of us, and how it can be liberating and nourishing to express this part of myself, and how vulnerability helps connect us. We are one.

I learned that I have to be more gentle with myself, less critical. I have to accept where I’ m now in my life because this is really the best place I could be. Life is perfect like this. I learned to let go and to not be too attached to the reflection of me that I find in the people around me...

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It feels like an awakening

I don’t have a lot of time or resources in my daily life that allows me to think about these ideas that we covered and shared and really marinated. Many people in my life have told me they see positive changes in me since I started and that’s amazing to hear and know that I’ve been able to implement so much of what I’ve learned.

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What Yoga Really Is

I’ve learned that everything I do is yoga if it’s a practice of presence, from sipping coffee to having difficult conversations.

There is an opportunity for yoga practice in every moment. There is an opportunity to get present through the breath in every moment. There is an opportunity to observe what arises, without reacting, in every moment.

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Three books every yogi must read

These are enlightening books that seemingly have nothing to do with yoga. And yet, they have *everything* to do with yoga.

Yoga is a practice of seeing the world through a liberating and expansive lens. The Craft adopts a yogic philosophy that is reinforced by—and in alignment with—science, nature, and poetry.

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