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vulnerability is the best part of us

First of all, I learned that our vulnerability is the best part of us, and how it can be liberating and nourishing to express this part of myself, and how vulnerability helps connect us. We are one.

I learned that I have to be more gentle with myself, less critical. I have to accept where I’ m now in my life because this is really the best place I could be. Life is perfect like this. I learned to let go and to not be too attached to the reflection of me that I find in the people around me...

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What I'm healing

When I consider all the weighty issues that I am healing within myself and my students, I keep getting stuck on that word... healing.  To call me a "healer" is a bold statement. 

I am not a person who enjoys telling others what to do. Hilariously, some students despise that I refuse to take the seat of a commander or an all-knowing guru. I refuse to be on a pedestal. It’s not that I don’t have life-transforming healing practices to share with my students.

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healing Your throat chakra

If you feel a constricted throat, a quiet voice, or you're overly talkative, it's likely that you are experiencing what we call throat chakra blockage.

This is an energetic-body experience that hinders our ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Learning how to bravely articulate our inner world, while also holding space for others' emotions and experiences, is certainly not an easy task.

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Finding Resonance

What resonates with you?  At our subtlest layer, we are composed of movement and vibration. We use the word "vibe" to describe feeling this truth. Good vibes, bad vibes, vibing together... We can sense moods, intentions, health, and illness. The yoga practice is one of aligning our inner vibration with the vibration of healing and love — these vibes are our truest nature.

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What Yoga Really Is

I’ve learned that everything I do is yoga if it’s a practice of presence, from sipping coffee to having difficult conversations.

There is an opportunity for yoga practice in every moment. There is an opportunity to get present through the breath in every moment. There is an opportunity to observe what arises, without reacting, in every moment.

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Three books every yogi must read

These are enlightening books that seemingly have nothing to do with yoga. And yet, they have *everything* to do with yoga.

Yoga is a practice of seeing the world through a liberating and expansive lens. The Craft adopts a yogic philosophy that is reinforced by—and in alignment with—science, nature, and poetry.

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