healing Your throat chakra

photo of craft grad & seattle yoga teacher Sarah Schulman

photo of craft grad & seattle yoga teacher Sarah Schulman

Three healing practices for your throat-chakra.

If you feel a constricted throat, a quiet voice, or you're overly talkative, it's likely that you are experiencing what we call throat chakra blockage.

This is an energetic-body experience that hinders our ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Learning how to bravely articulate our inner world, while also holding space for others' emotions and experiences, is certainly not an easy task.

Yet, it is our voice and our ability to listen that links our heart to the hearts around us. With an open throat chakra, we are able to create a real, honest connection with others.

These three healing practices can have profound results. Because the energetic body is impacted by self-beliefs, physical sensation, vision, and sound, our ability to heal can be multi-faceted. Try on these practices and observe if you feel more authentic and engaged in your relationships. You may notice an increase in comprehension during conversation, as well. Regardless, we’d love to know how these work for you:

  1. Explore the origins of your blockage

    We experience throat chakra blockage because somewhere along the way, we were taught not to be seen. We block ourselves from being fully seen by either hiding our voice and our presence, or by talking so much that vulnerable conversation and self-reflection are impossible. Regardless if you’re throat is deficient or excessive, there is a reason why you’ve learned to defend yourself using (or not using) your voice. Take some time to journal about your voice – how were your needs, thoughts, and opinions treated by your parents and your siblings growing up? What voices within you tell you to be quiet (or speak up) and what do those voices say? If you were a little child now, what would you tell yourself about your vocal presence?

  2. Enjoy a Throat, Neck, Upper Back & Chest Massage

    Our throats are directly linked to our hearts and our sense of self (our egos). We can hear feelings and emotions in the voice, and we cannot speak without revealing our internal world. When we are restricting our throats for any reason, we may experience neck, chest, and upper back tension. Energetically speaking, this is because the energy/feeling from the outside work is being blocked from touching our hearts and sense of self.

    Because energy interplays with muscles and tissues, a sweet massage in this area may provide some profound release. Note that if blockages are severe, touch may feel quite overwhelming and the sensation may feel almost unbearable. If this is the case for you, move very gently and very slowly. Utilize slow breathing and continue to remind yourself that you are safe and it’s okay to release the excess tension. Sometimes, enlisting a somatic therapist with experience in treating body-based trauma is needed.

  3. Sing A Mantra

    Mantras are the sonic body of yogic concepts and intentions. Through singing, we align the resonance in our bodies with the resonance in the healing aspects of the universe. Singing Mantras on the way to work, before a big meeting, before a presentation, or before a tough conversation with a loved one may help center and ground you in your voice. Hearing your own voice and focusing on the clarity can also help you speak your truth clearly when the topics are difficult or confusing. One of our favorite mantras for this practice is simple, yet beautiful: Lokasamastha Sukino Bhavantu.