Finding Resonance

photography of seattle yoga instructor, Katherine Axt

photography of seattle yoga instructor, Katherine Axt

What resonates with you?   

At our subtlest layer, we are composed of movement and vibration. We use the word vibe to describe feeling this truth. Good vibes, bad vibes, vibing together... We can sense moods, intentions, health, and illness. The yoga practice is one of aligning our inner vibration with the vibration of healing and love — these vibes are our truest nature. Using this knowledge, how can we experience wholeness from the inside out and the outside in?

The healing resonance we seek is abundant in the natural world. Our busy urban lives and electronic devices often fragment us from the natural rhythms of our inner vibration. One of the most healing practices we can do is simply to go on a long, silent hike without your smartphone. If it’s available to you, find a small patch of moss or dirt, and take off your shoes. Your inner vibration will meet the earth through your feet, and the earth’s healing vibration with meet your feet. Close your eyes and feel intently.

Another practice can be anywhere that it is quiet. Get comfortable, perhaps even lay down. For a moment, scan your body. While surely there are areas in your body that feel achey and dissonant, try to focus on where in your body you feel whole, peaceful, loving, or content. Trust that your body remembers her health and her wholeness. Then begin to visualize the resonance in this part of your body as an epicenter spreading the same resonance throughout your entire body. With each inhale, gather more resonance from your source of wholeness. With each exhale, allow your resonance to travel broader and wider.