Embodying the Divine Masculine


the following is a note written to male trainees from our co-leader and program creator, Eric Rabena.

My men, I hope this message finds you well.

I was just thinking how I genuinely enjoy the time we spend together in community—I hope you feel the same. We’re such a diverse group yet we jive splendidly in our differences. Thank you for your life energy and for showing up for the Craft.

Something is amiss, though, and considering that we are all “doing the self-work,” I trust this message will be received wholeheartedly. In my meditation today I came to clearing on a feeling I’ve been feeling about how we are “being” in the Craft.

Before I proceed, please know that I speak from a place of compassion in hopes for a more significant realization than the one we are currently living. Compassion for a higher vibration is something I feel personally, globally, and universally. Specifically, though, I refer to my commitment to embody the Divine Masculine. This means I honor the Divine Feminine, and I seek to balance these energies in my self.

Through this practice, I am cognizant of my interactions with my interplay with others, specifically women, and how my conditioned self (the person that grasps to maintain power and righteousness) is antiquated and feeble, at best, and I have sought to relinquish my paradigm of being such. From my practice of illuminating this shadow, I have come to understand that we (you, me, all of us humans) are the spokespersons for the greater good.

We are the frontline, the troops that lead the march to a better reality,

a reality where man is synergist with the woman, where the partnership is cohesive, balanced, supportive. I believe Adrienne and I are the epitome of this precept.

I empathize with your narratives of self, but I implore you to discover the Divine Masculine within. Notice if and how you feel threatened and seek to correct, to prove, to be heard, to be noticed, and to be right, instead of merely supporting the rise of power of the Divine Feminine.

Perhaps your being offended by reading this message is information enough for you to heed the message contained here.

I pass no judgment, but I do ask us to come to awareness as a spiritual collective. I encourage you to resist fault-finding and seeking to correct the other, but instead receive and accept what’s right in honor and support of one another. Being men in this world of judgment is a sensitive place, now more than ever. Mindfulness of how we are being amongst our yogic cohort is vital. And being leaders for our Craft yogic community is all good and dandy until we can’t seem to agree on a particular subject and call each other out on falsities.

Such an unsupportive troop only strikes a discord with our students. Such dissonance is not conducive to our work as healers. Instead, let’s relish in consonance, soak in the information provided by one another, and allow our paradigms to shift (no matter how uncomfortable it is). I dream of a world where we do not debunk one another's teachings, but alternatively, we seek the teacher in every moment, and have fun watching our self-limiting beliefs succumb to the fertile ground of uncertainty and expansion. A few tools to navigate this topic of supportiveness and Divine Masculine:

Be open-minded.

When the information provided is contrary to your beliefs, remember that surely there is more than one opinion on every topic that is yoga, which is why this conversation is so rich. That which does not move becomes brittle and frail.

Relinquish control.

Notice when you’re trying to conform reality to your paradigms, and allow what is, to be. That which is smothered suffocates.

Filter and funnel your words.

Is it nice, is it necessary, is it true?

Honor each other.

If there is a necessity for discussion to "clear the air", we save that for a private conversation as to not plant doubt in our student’s minds. This provides agency, space, and freedom for whomever misspoke to realign with the community as they are empowered to correct their actions at their own accord.

I understand that this is a life-long topic, the Divine Masculine, and I am grateful to have you in my life to continue the discussion.

You are blessed beings in my life. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Here’s to our continued growth and expansion together.

Peace and love,