vulnerability is the best part of us

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First of all, I learned that our vulnerability is the best part of us,

and how it can be liberating and nourishing to express this part of myself, and how vulnerability helps connect us. We are one. I learned that I have to be more gentle with myself, less critical. I have to accept where I’ m now in my life because this is really the best place I could be. Life is perfect like this.

I learned to let go and to not be too attached to the reflection of me that I find in the people around me.

My judgment is just a mirror for me to see deeper into myself, and maybe on occasion to remove my veil, nothing more nothing less. Just an opportunity more for my growing up.

So I learned to be more graceful with myself,

to listen more to my intuition and my emotions. I learned that love is construction and not destruction, that the best thing is to create something together. The magic is manifested when you can share.  How important it is to be open to witness the manifesting that you want, and share it with people that you love! Human beings are here to be together and to experience, share and manifest love together. 

So, I'm really sure that this teacher training fave me much more of a simple knowledge about yoga. It gifted me an experience of deep internal and external transformation.

— Mariateresa, Craft Roma 2019