What I'm healing

// an introduction by Craft co-creator Adrienne Rabena

// an introduction by Craft co-creator Adrienne Rabena

When I consider all the weighty issues that I am healing within myself and my students, I keep getting stuck on that word... healing.  To call me a "healer" is a bold statement. It took me eight years of teaching yoga to even flirt with the idea of calling myself a healer, so the concept of healing is pretty loaded for me.

I am not a person who enjoys telling others what to do. Hilariously, some students despise that I refuse to take the seat of a commander or an all-knowing guru. I refuse to be on a pedestal. It’s not that I don’t have life-transforming healing practices to share with my students. I do. I’ve witnessed the transformative healing of yoga as I channel it through my words and my classes, but all the while, I know that I am not the creator of yoga, nor the creator of the healing. The healed person was never not healed in the first place, and I just foster an environment that helps her remember her wholeness... 

I digress.

The word healing implies there is a wound or an injury, yes, but if we consider our healing from the viewpoint that we are perpetually wounded, or broken, we will just manifest more woundedness because that’s as far as we can see of ourselves for ourselves. Consequently, a chronic internal injury will be the only potential we can perceive in others, as well. 

Healing work gets tricky because often our identity hinges on our traumas and woundedness. We want to have a reason to stay disconnected, stay small, contracted, and in a place of suffering. In many ways, we disempower ourselves from believing in our wholeness because pain is more familiar and seemingly more natural to experience.

To fully heal, we must believe in our inherent healed self. 

YOU are already whole, complete, and perfect, and my job is just to help you recollect this truth. With this said, I cannot teach this unless I fully believe it and practice it myself, so when I consider "What I'm healing" within myself, I am just creating the conditions for myself to realign with my innate peace and blissful awareness, which just so happens to be at the core of the entire universe.

SO, phew. As I embark on this vulnerable journey to share with you what I'm healing within myself (and trust me, I've got a lot of battle scars to share), please know I am trying my best to remember my healed self.