Craft's Top 6 Seattle Yoga Picks

photo of Seattle yoga instructor Sarah Goble

photo of Seattle yoga instructor Sarah Goble

The Craft believes in abundance.

Every teacher training program, we pull together guest instructors from throughout Seattle, and we take yoga field trips to learn and grow from Seattle’s most talented yoga instructors. There are SO many incredible instructors in our community. For this winter’s program, we’ve narrowed it down to our top six Seattle-area favorites.

We’ve chosen these instructors because they offer:

  • a unique niche in the yoga industry

  • leadership, integrity, and abundance mentality

  • skillful, insightful instruction

  • a healing message for their students

Leah Zaccaria

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan at Hauteyoga

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan at Hauteyoga

Leah Zaccaria is on fire right now. If you know Leah, you’d know that she’s always been on fire, actually. Leah is the founder and owner of two of Seattle’s most popular yoga studios: Hauteyoga Queenanne and Shefayoga.

In her recently published memoir SEEN, Leah describes her surprising path of stepping into her power. When you take Leah’s classes, you can palpably feel this power, and more than that, you feel empowered yourself! She is vulnerable, bold, and unapologetic. Similarly, her classes are fiery, creative, and athletic.

Leah leads with abundance and has lifted up many instructors, helping them to step into their light, as well. Her instructors are some of the most skilled in Seattle. Visit her class and studios immediately!


Elvis Garcia

photo by Alo Moves

photo by Alo Moves

Elvis Garcia is one of Seattle’s most skilled yoga instructors. His dedication to refining the physical practice and delving into complex asana is truly admirable.

We love Elvis’ classes because they are always challenging, light-hearted, and inspiring. His consistency and discipline provides a stable foundation from which students can push their boundaries, physically and emotionally. Elvis re-vamped Seattle Yoga Lounge in Greenlake, creating a hub for connection and community. His studio attracts practitioners who are athletic and ready to take their posture practice to new heights.

What we really love about Elvis is how he shares his yoga journey as an openly gay man, a Mexican American, and an entrepreneur. You can find fantastic classes on how to float and fly with him on Alo Moves, as well.


Sarah Goble

photo by Eric Rabena at Bohemian Studios

photo by Eric Rabena at Bohemian Studios

Sarah Goble is a not-so-hidden gem in the Seattle yoga community. For twelve years, she was a thought leader for yoga goliath CorePower Yoga, where she opened more than 20 yoga studios and trained thousands of instructors. Sarah has a unique approach to yoga that is inclusive, precise, and effective.

Sarah believes in the power of collaboration and she partners with yoga studios throughout the United States to get clear on their mission and their techniques. She coaches mindfulness, meditation, and curriculum building for yoga teacher training programs.

More recently, Sarah began leading her very own yoga teacher training in partnership with Allison Barnes at Sol Yoga Seattle. We highly recommend her classes!

Abiola Akkani

photo by Jenny Jimenez at Ritual House of Yoga

photo by Jenny Jimenez at Ritual House of Yoga

Abiola Akanni is changing the yoga game entirely. She’s utilized her creativity and core beliefs to invent a brand new style of yoga: Trap Vinyasa. Trap Vinyasa is a hip, colorful expression of yoga laced with the divine feminine.

Her class is all about liberated movement and self-expression. You will dance, twerk, kick-box, and laugh as she guides you deep into physicalizing your freedom and #feelingyourself. Moreover, Biola carved out her own path in the Seattle yoga community by offering classes in community spaces accessible to marginalized communities.

She continues to inspire our community with innovative approaches to workshops, teacher training, and yoga imagery. This is our third year featuring her, and we probably won’t stop. Do yourself a favor and get into Trap Vinyasa!


Leah Adams

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan at Urban Yoga Spa

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan at Urban Yoga Spa

Leah Adams is a humble healer and one of Seattle’s most dedicated yoga practitioners. While she won’t receive compliments without honoring her teachers, she is a clear stand-out in Seattle’s Yin Yoga and Ayurveda knowledge.

Canadian-born with a profound interest in eastern medicine, Leah is one of the few local instructors that is consistently diligent about uncovering the truth about yogic practices. She walks the walk! Leah effortlessly blends her interests in nature and the sciences with powerful yin yoga practices and ancient yoga techniques. Everything she does is intentional and you can feel that in her workshops and classes.

Leah is a rare pick because she’s also one of the Craft Chosen Ones – she leads Ayruveda, Yin, and Pranayma for our yoga teacher training program.


Jeanna McDonald

photo by Eric Rabena at Passion for the Practice

photo by Eric Rabena at Passion for the Practice

Jenna McDonald is a powerfully feminine devoted yogi. She carries vedic lineage knowledge and cutting-edge yoga anatomy into transformative practices including Ashtanga yoga, women-only yoga teacher trainings, breathwork retreats, and embodiment practices.

Jenna founded Devoted Yogi, a Bainbridge Island training studio. She’s a true innovator and breaks the mold of the standard yoga studio. In the spirit of a traditional Yoga Shala, Devoted Yogi asks that all brand new students move through an intelligent intake process helping them find the RIGHT yoga practice for them. Wow!

As a mother and woman-supporter she is a much needed leader in the Seattle-area yoga community. She’s worth the ferry ride, so hop into a long-term enrollment or workshop with her!


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